IXXAT CANbridge NT 200/420

Configurable CAN-to-CAN Bridge/Router with CAN FD Support

The CANbridge NT is offered in two versions, as CANbridge NT 200 with 2 classic CAN channels and as CANbridge NT 420 with 4 CAN channels, where 2 channels can be switched between CAN and CAN FD. 
Both devices allow the easy coupling of CAN (CAN FD) networks, including networks with different bit rates or frame formats (11/29 bit identifier). The bridges/routers have a powerful microcontroller that can perform message filtering, ID translation and data multiplexing (e.g. required for CAN FD to CAN message conversion), at this even bursts at higher data rates can be processed without message loss.


Unlike a CAN Repeater, which only translates the electric signals, the CAN messages are received completely by the CANbridge NT and then sent to the other CAN or CAN FD network in line with existing filter, conversion, port mapping or multiplex rules (Store-Forward principle). With two CANbridge NT 420 it is possible to transmit messages between two Classic CAN networks via a CAN FD network (CAN tunnel).

CanBridge NT 200

CanBridge NT 420

Filtering and multiplexing
By using mapping tables the message reception/transmission is possible between all 4 channels. With the aid of filter and conversion rules, CAN or CAN FD messages can be filtered or modified. With these mechanism, the bus load can be reduced in the individual networks by only sending messages which are of interest to the other network. For SAE J1939 applications a special mapping table is provided, adapted to the specific parameters. The data multiplexing/demultiplexing functionality enables the mapping of e.g. CAN-FD data to several standard CAN messages and vice versa. 

Action Rules
In response to received messages, device or CAN bus status events, a variety of actions can be performed automatically, e.g. sending messages (CAN, CAN FD), changing device settings or switching device LEDs. Action rules are created through intuitive drop-down menus for events and actions within the Windows-based device configuration tool or by using LUA scripts.

Cyclic transmission
The cyclic transmission feature enables cyclic forwarding of messages. Both, messages and cycle times are defined within a central cyclic transmission table. 


The configuration of the CANbridge NT and the firmware upload is done with an intuitive to operate Windows configuration tool via USB. With the tool, the configuration of filter, mapping, multiplexer or translation rules can be carried out very easily, without programming skills.

CanBridge NT tool

Windows configuration tool supporting CANbridge NT and CAN@net NT


  • CANbridge NT 200 or CANbridge NT 420
  • CD with CAN-Gateway Configurator
  • Manual
  • Mini USB cable
CAN baud-ratesClassic CAN: 5 to 1000 kBaud
CAN-FD: 5 to 8000 kBaud 
CAN bus termination resistorNone
CAN transceiverTexas Instruments SN65HVD251PTexas Instruments SN65HVD251P
Max. number of bus nodes120
Power supply9 V to 36 V DC
Current consumptionTypically 110 mA (at 24 V input voltage)
Galvanic isolation1 kV for 1 sec
Operating temperature-40 °C to +85 °C
Protection classIP20
Dimensions114.5 x 99 x 22.5 mm
WeightApprox. 150 g
CertificationCE, FCC

Feature table – fieldbus support and options

 CAN Interface
 CAN-IB400/PCIPCIXX1-41-4 0-4 
 CAN-IB300/PCIPCI X1-41-4   
 CAN-IB100/PCIePCIe option1-41-4  Low Profile
 CAN-IB200/PCIePCIeXoption1-41-4 0-4Low Profile
 CAN-IB500/PCIePCIe X1 1  
 CAN-IB600/PCIePCIeXX1-2 1-2  
 CAN-IB640/PCIePCIeXX1-4 1-41-4 
 CAN-IB120/PCIe MiniPCIe Mini option1-2    
 CAN-IB520/PCIe MiniPCIe Mini X1 1  
 CAN-IB130/PCIe 104PCIe 104 X1-2    
 CAN-IB230/PCIe 104PCIe 104XX2/40-1 0-1 
 CAN-IB630/PCIe 104PCIe 104XX2 2  
 PC-I 04/104PC104 option1-2    
 CAN-IB410/PMCPMCXX2-42-4 0-2 
 USB-to-CAN V2 USBXX1-20-1 0-1 
 USB-to-CAN V2 Plugin USBXX1-20-1 0-1 
 USB-to-CAN FD USBXX1-2 1-21 
 simplyCAN USBXX1    
 CAN@net II/VCIEthernetXX1    
 CAN@net NT 100EthernetXX1    
 CAN@net NT 200/420EthernetXX2-4 0-2  
 CANblue II BluetoothXX1    


  • Up to 4 CAN (2 CAN FD) channels in one device  
  • Powerful filter, ID translation, data mapping and multiplex functionality
  • NEW: Execution of actions using event-triggered "Action Rules"
  • NEW: Configurable security levels for device access (configuration or firmware upload)
  • Windows configuration tool for easy configuration via USB


  • Easy coupling of CAN and CAN FD systems and devices
  • Cost savings due to simple wiring
  • Allows system expansion and tree/star topologies
  • Increased system reliability
  • Line protection by galvanic isolation
1.01.0331.20000CANbridge NT200 - 2 x CAN 
1.01.0331.42000CANbridge NT420 - 4 x CAN (2 channels switchable between CAN and CAN FD)
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