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DB9 to DB9/DC Power SplitterSplit CAN & input power - Order numbers: D01DB9DC

DCtte Outlet to Cigare AdapterPower e.g. CANCrocodile kit

DB9 Y-Splitter (1x Male & 2x Female, CAN bus)Split your CAN bus

DB9-DB9 Extension Cable (3M, CAN Bus) - Extend your CAN bus - Order numbers: D01DB9DB9M3

Terminal Resistor (120 Ohm, DB9, CAN Bus) Add CAN bus terminator

DB9 Mini Gender Changers (Female + Male, CAN Bus)Easily switch genders


DB9 to DB9/DC Power Splitter
DB9 to DB9/DC Power Splitter

Need to log CAN bus data - with an external power supply?
With the DB9-to-DB9/DC power splitter, you’ll be able to power e.g. your CAN logger via a power outlet, battery or e.g. cigarette receptacle. The DC female connector is a standard 5.5 mm (ID, inner diameter) x 2.1 mm (CPD, center pin diameter).

The adaptor is great for test setups, machine logging or vehicles where no power is provided by the DB9 connector (or you prefer not to use the CAN bus power supply).

Order numbers: D01DB9DC

DC to Cigarette Outlet Adapter
DC sigarette adapterNeed to power a device via your vehicle’s cigarette lighter?
With this DC male connector and our DB9-to-DB9/DC adaptor, you can easily power e.g. your CANedge/CLX000 CAN logger via your car’s cigarette lighter (in case your CAN bus does not provide a direct power supply).
It can also be used if you want to log data via a CANCrocodile, powering your installation via your cigarette outlet.
DB9-DB9/DB9 - Y-Splitter (1x Male & 2x Female)
DB9 y splitter cableNeed to split your CAN bus?
This low cost DB9 (D-sub 9) Y-splitter cable lets you easily split a single CAN bus DB9 connector into two connectors. This is achieved via the quality overmolded male-to-female/female DB9 connectors.

The DB9-DB9/DB9 adapter is ideal for connecting multiple CAN devices to a single port - or e.g. daisy chaining CAN modules.

DB9-DB9 Extension Cable (3M, CAN Bus)
DB9 extension cable

Need to extend your CAN bus system?
With this 3 meter low cost DB9 female to DB9 male connector cable, you’ll be able to easily extend your CAN bus system or connect your CAN logger to a difficult-to-reach location.

The cables are non-terminated, letting you combine multiple together.

Order numbers: D01DB9DB9M3

Terminal Resistor (120 Ohm, DB9, CAN Bus)
Terminal resister Need a low cost resistor to terminate your high speed CAN bus system?
This CAN bus termination adapter is a D-sub 9 pin male connector & female socket. It contains a 120 Ohm terminal resistor between the CAN High / CAN Low pins.
DB9 Mini Gender Changers (Female + Male, CAN Bus)
DB9 gender dangersNeed to convert a DB9 female port to a male port - or vice versa?
For example, you may need to connect your CANedge/CLX000 CAN logger to another male DB9 connector. In this case you’d need a DB9 F/F gender changer.
In this low cost pack you'll get 2x DB9 gender changers - 1 x male-to-male (M/M) plus 1 x female-to-female (F/F)
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DB9-DB9 (3M)D01DB9DB9M3