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WiFi accessories

  • 3G/4G USB WiFi router
    3G/4G USB WiFi router Upload data via 3G/4G
    Order numbers: D013G4GUSB

  • DB9-USB power adapter
    Power hotspot via CANedge2
    Order numbers: D01DB9USB

  • DB9-DB9/USB Adapter Cable
    Order numbers: D013G4GUSB
  • WiFi Rooftop Antenna (SMA, 3M Cable)
    Extend CANedge2 antenna 
  • Mounting Bracket Kit (CANedge, CANmod)
    Order numbers: D01MOUNTING
  • 3M Dual Lock Velcro Strips (4 Pieces)

WiFi Accessories

3G/4G USB WiFi Router Hotspot 
3G/4G USB WiFi Router HotspotWith this low cost, unlocked USB WiFi router, you can easily get your CANedge2 / CL3000 online - without needing e.g. a WLAN router.
The USB hotspot is unlocked: Simply insert your nano SIM card, configure your CANedge2/CL3000 to connect to the hotspot - and you’re ready.
DB9-USB Power Adapter Cable
DB9-USB Power Adapter CableNeed to log CAN data and upload it via 3G/4G to your server?
The CANedge2 lets you power a USB 3G/4G hotspot directly via the 2nd port (channel 2) using this DB9-USB adapter cable.
Further, the 5V power output from the CANedge2 can be turned on/off in the configuration (incl. via over-the-air updates).
DB9-DB9/USB Adapter Cable
Need to log 2 x CAN/LIN data - while powering a 3G/4G USB WiFi router?
With this adapter, your CANedge2 can power a 3G/4G USB WiFi router via the 2nd port - simplifying field deployments.
At the same time, the DB9 female connector makes it easy to connect a CANmod sensor module - e.g. a CANmod.gps.
You can also use this to easily log 2 x CAN/LIN channels while powering a USB hotspot.
WiFi Rooftop Antenna (SMA, 3M Cable)
WiFi Rooftop Antenna (SMA, 3M Cable)Need to extend your CANedge2 antenna?
The WiFi SMA antenna of the CANedge2 can be easily disconnected - letting you e.g. add this rooftop SMA antenna.
This can be useful when the CANedge2 is installed behind shielded panels that reduce WiFi connectivity.
With the 3 meter extension cable, the rooftop WiFi antenna can positioned for optimal range and line-of-sight.
Mounting Bracket Kit (CANedge, CANmod)
The CANedge mounting bracket is an easy, flexible and compact solution for installing your CANedge CAN/LIN logger in the field.
You can easily mount the bracket via e.g. screws or zip ties - and your CANedge can be inserted/extracted via the lockable top cover.
Further, the built-in EVA foam padding helps protect the CANedge against light vibration.
The bracket includes M4 screws, lock-nuts, zip ties (large & small) and a plastic pouch.
3M Dual Lock Velcro Strips (4 Pieces)
Need to easily mount your CAN hardware?
The 3M Dual Lock velcro tape makes it quick and easy to mount e.g. your CANedge to any surface - no screws required.
The unique design offers exceptional strength and durability - while letting you easily attach/detach your devices.
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3G/ 4G USB WiFi routerD013G4GUSB
Mounting bracketD01MOUNTING