Embedded Wizard

Embedded Wizard

Simplify Your GUI Development


Have you ever thought that developing GUIs for embedded devices could be really fast and easy?

Watch the video to get to know Embedded Wizard’s workflow and how it simplifies your GUI development.

Integrated Development Environment

With Embedded Wizard Studio’s fully integrated IDE, developing graphical user interfaces for embedded devices is easy. Sophisticated utilities, like the object browser and the ‘element inspector’, provide you with an easy overview of the application structure and give you quick access to its members. You will find everything you need in one familiar place.

Embedded wizard1. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor

Create GUI applications by clicking, dragging, and connecting visual with logical components using the mouse. Benefit from instant WYSIWYG and evaluate your GUI's appearance at every step of the design process. Even target constraints, like limited color range, can be displayed in the IDE.

Due to Embedded Wizard’s consistently graphical approach, even non-visual elements such as methods, variables, and classes, are represented as individual and distinct icons. This helps you to stay in the world of GUIs and supports you with a smooth development workflow.

2. Mosaic Class Library

Ready-to-use components in the Mosaic Class Library simplify the programming process of Embedded Wizard.
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3. Programming Language "Chora"

Enjoy fast development and easy-to-maintain code thanks to Embedded Wizard's programming language, Chora. It is fully object-oriented, platform independent, highly stable, and easy to learn and the integrated Garbage Collector takes care of the used memory. Moreover, Chora is enriched with features specifically for User Interfaces (e.g. colors, fonts, forms, themes, styles, languages, UI patterns such as MVC, MVP, MVVM, and others).

Embedded wizard
4. Prototyping

With Embedded Wizard’s instant Prototyper you can verify step-by-step your GUI’s design, behavior, and usability. All this directly within the IDE with no need to program the target device.

5. Debugging

The integrated debugger enables the step-by-step execution of 'Chora' statements, the setting of breakpoints and inspection of all variables, objects, and the call-stack.

By highlighting only the visible areas to be updated, you can already identify possible bottlenecks during your development phase.

Documentation Generation

To document the structure of your GUI application, Embedded Wizard can automatically create Microsoft HTML help files (chm), which are especially helpful when transferring your project to colleagues, customers or third parties for maintenance and modifications. This documentation of your GUI describes components, shows their inheritance and lists their members. Developers also have the option to enter additional descriptions that are available for every member of the project.

Multiple Platforms

Embedded Wizard Studio supports multiple platforms within one GUI project. In conjunction with corresponding Platform Packages, you can port and run the same GUI on different platforms - without having to re-program the entire user interface again from scratch.

Multiple Skins & Layouts

Embedded Wizard Studio facilitates the handling of different themes, layouts, screen resolutions, and color schemes within one GUI project. Variations of an HMI can be determined at compile-time or switched during runtime.


Performance and Resource Optimization Features

Support of Many Different Devices

Mosaic Class Library

User Acceptance Test

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