SEGGER SystemView

Is a real-time recording and visualization tool for embedded systems that reveals the true runtime behavior of an application, going far deeper than the system insights provided by debuggers. This is particularly effective when developing and working with complex embedded systems comprising multiple threads and interrupts: SystemView can ensure a system performs as designed, can track down inefficiencies, and show unintended interactions and resource conflicts, with a focus on details of every single system ticks.

SystemView can record data from the embedded target system while it is running. The recorded data is analyzed and the system behavior is visualized in different views.

All system information is sent by the application and is part of the recording. The information is shown in the window on the top right and includes the application name, the underlying OS, the target device and the timing information. Additional information about task switches and interrupt frequency provide a quick overview of the embedded system.

With the Timeline and the Events window the whole system execution can be visually analyzed.

Events Window

The 'Events' window lists all SystemView events which were recorded from the system and displays information about the exact timestamp when the event was generated, in which task or interrupt context it happened, which event it is, and the details of the event. The type of events to be displayed can be filtered to show only events of interest. The Timeline displays the interrupt and task activity, as well as scheduler activity and idle over the system time. Scrolling through the events and zooming in on the timeline provide an exact view on how the contexts are connected: 

  • How often do interrupts occur
  • Which interrupt starts which task
  • When are tasks or interrupts interrupted
  • When does the scheduler trigger a task switch
  • How long does it take for a task to run when it becomes ready
  • How long does an interrupt run

Contexts Window

The 'Contexts' window provides run-time information about tasks and interrupts. For each item the frequency, run time information and CPU load are shown. This information can be used for profiling, to see whether the system runs evenly or not, and to get an overview where the CPU time is spent.

The CPU Load window displays the used CPU time by context over a time period. This enables analysis of how much CPU time is used when the system is active or idle and can provide an indicator for where the system might be inefficient, i.e. when interrupts happen too often or simple computations take too long.

  • Minimally system intrusive
  • Free tool. No license cost, no hidden fees
  • TOS task, resource, and API tracing
  • Interrupt tracing for bare metal systems without an RTOS
  • Continuous real-time recording and live analysis with J-Link and SEGGER RTT technology
  • Live analysis of captured data - view responses to stimuli in real time without stopping the target
  • SEGGER embOS, embOS/IP, and emFile API call tracing as standard
  • uC/OS-III, Micrium OS Kernel, and FreeRTOS instrumentation included
  • Can be adapted to other RTOS using a fully documented API
  • Works on any CPU
  • Tracking of unlimited number of events (SystemView PRO only)
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