Web Server
Provide easy to use graphical interfaces to control your target.
Can be used from any device that has a browser such as PC/Mac and mobile devices.
Easy to maintain by separating design and content.

Provide easy to use graphical user interfaces that can be accessed from anywhere!

emWeb allows you to use the most widely accepted language for providing Graphical User Interfaces in the world, HTML.

The web server allows you to provide an operating system independent user interface (UI). The UI can be designed in a range from very basic/simple up to full replacements for traditional application GUIs, using technologies like JavaScript, AJAX, SSE, WebSockets and more. This way the target can be operated from any device that features a browser.

emWeb can not only be incorporated into embedded targets, but PC/Mac or even mobile applications as well.

Even targets that do not feature traditional network access via Ethernet cable or WiFi access can benefit by using a browser UI. With the IP-over-USB technology, SEGGER provides a state-of-the-art solution for USB devices to be powered by a browser UI.

Design only one UI that will work on any end user device.


For your product, using a browser based UI comes with a lot of advantages over a traditional application GUI. The biggest advantage, of course, is that you can operate the target from any host that features a browser, independent of the operating system. While this is a clear advantage to the programmer and designer of an UI, there are even more advantages for your customers, making your device more user friendly than ever before:

  • No software to download or install
  • Can be accessed and configured using any device with a browser (PC/Mac or mobile devices like smartphones or tablets)
  • Can even be made available over the Internet

Devices using browser UIs

Devices using browser UIs are becoming more and more the state-of-the-art standard. The following is a list of devices already using browser UIs for configuration purposes today:

  • Routers, switches and Access Points
  • Almost any IoT device
  • Printers
  • Debug probes
  • Oscilloscopes
  • All kinds of gadgets


TCP/IP stack

emWeb requires a TCP/IP stack. It is optimized for emNet, but any RFC-compliant TCP/IP stack can be used. The shipment includes a Win32 implementation sample which uses the standard Winsock API, as well as an implementation which uses the socket API of emNet.

Multi Tasking

The web server needs to run as a separate thread. Therefore, a multi tasking system is required to use the web server emWeb.

Resource usage

The following table shows the approximate resource requirements for a typical web server configuration:

emWebApproximately 8 KByteApproximately 2.5 KByte
emNetApproximately 20 KByteApproximately 25 KByte
embOSApproximately 4.4 KByteApproximately 3.4 KByt

Values measured in release mode with size optimization for a single task web server

more info

  • Provide easy to use graphical interfaces for control or data acquisition
  • Compatible with all browsers for PC/Mac and mobile devices
  • Supports modern standards like WebSockets (additional add-on), REST, SSE and many more
  • Independent of the TCP/IP stack: any stack with sockets can be used
  • Can be used on embedded targets or PC (Windows/Linux/...) and Mac
  • Samples for embedded targets and PC included, showing simple and advanced use cases
  • High performance
  • Small footprint
  • Smallest configuration can run in a single task for multiple connections
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