SEGGER Embedded Studio PRO

Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M is the all-in-one embedded development package. With the powerful integrated development environment, extensive support for the most widely used microcontrollers, a complete embedded software suite, and the industry leading J-Link PLUS debug probe SEGGER offers a one-stop solution for your projects. Start programming your application immediately and rely on The Embedded Experts to answer any questions during your development.

Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M is an all-in-one embedded development package, built to cover the needs of embedded developers at an unbeatable price.

It adds a complete embedded software suite (RTOS GUIUSB-DeviceUSB-HostTCP/IPFile System) to Embedded Studio. The one-stop solution developed, maintained and supported by SEGGER shortens time to market of your applications. The ready-to-use projects for popular evaluation boards guarantee an easy start.

Each middleware component of the Embedded Studio PRO software suite is supplied as object code, built for any Cortex-M microprocessor. All middleware is run-time configurable and can be combined to build your application.

Decide which component you need and simply add it to your project. This streamlined package works out-of-the-box. Start programming your application immediately. Rely on The Embedded Experts to answer any questions during development of your products.

It Simply Works!

Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M includes a license for Embedded Studio for Cortex-M and a lot of ready-to-use start projects.

Start projects with complete middleware suite (OS, FS, IP, USBD, USBH, GUI) are included for:

  • NXP (Freescale) K66 - SEGGER emPower eval board
  • ST STM32F4x9 - ST STM32F4x9I-EVAL board
  • ST STM32F746G - ST STM32F746G Discovery board
  • ST STM32F769 - ST STM32F769 Discovery board

embOS board support packages for more than 50 popular evaluation boards are included.

Additional start projects will be added with every update. Do not hesitate to ask, if your evaluation board is not listed here and you plan to start immediately with a ready-to-use start project. Our engineering team is always motivated to satisfy all your requirements.



The heart of a state-of-the-art embedded development is the operating system. Our priority-controlled real-time operating system embOS is the best choice for each embedded development. The Embedded Studio PRO package comes with a feature full set of embOS libraries. The libraries are build to give the developer a flexible foundation during the complete development.

Embedded Studio PRO package includes the following embOS library configurations:

  • debug and stack-check library builds to catch erroneous application code
  • profiling library builds to collect precise information available about the execution time of individual task
  • release library builds to achieve the best possible performance in the final product.



Our high-performance fail-safe file system optimized for minimum memory consumption in RAM, ROM, high speed, and versatility working on any embedded device.

Embedded Studio PRO emFile libraries includes the following components:

  • emFile FAT
  • emFile FAT LFN Module
  • emFile device driver NAND universal
  • emFile device driver CF/IDE
  • emFile device driver SD/MMC
  • emFile device driver NOR

Our professional GUI emWin enables the creation of highly efficient, and high quality graphical user interfaces on any embedded system.

Embedded Studio PRO emWin libraries includes the following components:

  • emWin BASE color
  • emWin WM/Widgets
  • emWin Memory devices
  • emWin Antialiasing

emWin PRO libraries include the following run-time configurable drivers:

  • GUIDRV_BitPlains
  • GUIDRV_DCache
  • GUIDRV_Dist
  • GUIDRV_FlexColor
  • GUIDRV_IST3088


  • GUIDRV_Lin
  • GUIDRV_S1D13L01
  • GUIDRV_S1D13L02
  • GUIDRV_S1D13L04
  • GUIDRV_S1D13513
  • GUIDRV_S1D13748
  • GUIDRV_S1D13781
  • GUIDRV_S1D15G00
  • GUIDRV_SPage
  • GUIDRV_SSD1926
  • GUIDRV_UC1698G

and a lot of sample configuration and hardware layer ports for various popular evaluation boards.



Our industry-leading IP stack for embedded systems comes with libraries, which include the following fully run-time configurable components:

  • embOS/IP BASE IPv4
  • embOS/IP FTP Server
  • embOS/IP NetBIOS Name Service
  • embOS/IP (m)DNS/LLMNR/DNS-SD Server
  • embOS/IP DHCP Server
  • embOS/IP SNTP Client
  • embOS/IP SMTP Client
  • embOS/IP MQTT Client
  • embOS/IP CoAP Server / Client
  • embOS/IP NTP Client
  • embOS/IP WebSocket

embOS/IP PRO libraries include the following drivers:

  • NXP: Kinetis K60, Kinetis K60, LPC17xx, LPC18xx, LPC43xx
  • Infineon: XMC45xx
  • Spansion: MB9Bx10T
  • ST: STM32F1xx, STM32F2xx, STM32F4xx, STM32F7xx
  • TI: LM3S6965, LM3S9B90
  • Toshiba: LM3S6965, TMPM369
  • ASIX: AX88180
  • Davicom: DM9000
  • Micrel: KSZ8851SNL
  • Microchip: ENC424J600, ENC624J600
  • SMSC: LAN9115, LAN9118, LAN91C111, LAN9215, LAN9221, LAN9221i



Our high-performance Web server allows you to provide an operating system independent user interface (UI).

  • Provide easy to use graphical interfaces for control or data acquisition
  • Compatible with all browsers for PC/Mac and mobile devices
  • Supports modern standards like WebSockets, REST, SSE and many more



Our high performance USB device stack is specifically designed for embedded systems. The emUSB-Device PRO libraries include the following components:

Embedded Studio PRO emUSB-Device libraries include the following components:

  • emUSB-Device BASE
  • emUSB-Device Bulk component
  • emUSB-Device MSD Class
  • emUSB-Device CDC Class
  • emUSB-Device MTP class

emUSB-Device PRO libraries include the following drivers:

  • Silicon Labs: EFM32GGxxx
  • Fujitsu: MB9BF5xx, MB9BF5xx
  • Infineon: XMC45xx
  • NXP: Kinetis K40, Kinetis K60/K70 Fullspeed, Kinetis K60/K70 Highspeed, LPC13xx (LPC1342, LPC1343), LPC17xx, LPC18xx, LPC43xx (except LPC431x)
  • Renesas: Synergy USB FS Controller (S1, S3, S7), Synergy USB HS Controller (S1, S3, S7)
  • ST: STM32F0xx, STM32F103, STM32F105/107, STM32F2xx, STM32F3xxx, STM32F4xx, STM32F7xx, STM32L1xx
  • TI: LM3S9B9x
  • Toshiba: TMPM369



Our USB host stack is specifically designed for embedded systems. It implements full USB host functionality, including external hub support and optionally provides device class drivers.

Embedded Studio PRO emUSB-Host libraries include the following components:

  • emUSB-Host BASE
  • emUSB-Host Printer Class
  • emUSB-Host CDC Class
  • emUSB-Host FTDI UART support

emUSB-Host PRO libraries include the following drivers:

  • Generic driver: EHCI driver (LPC18xx (except LPC181x), LPC18Sxx (except LPC181Sx), LPC43xx (except LPC431x), LPC43Sxx (except LPC431Sx)), OHCI driver (LPC1754, LPC1756, LPC1758, LPC1759, LPC1765, LPC1766, LPC1768, LPC1776, LPC1777, LPC1778, LPC1785, LPC1786, LPC1787, LPC1788, LPC4088)
  • Freescale: Kinets FullSpeed driver (Kinetis K20, Kinetis K40, Kinetis K60, Kinetis K70, Kinetis KL20, Kinetis KW22)
  • Infineon: XMC4500 driver
  • ST: STM32 Connectivity Line driver(STM32F105, STM32F107), STM32 HighPerformance Line Full Speed driver (STM32F205, STM32F207, STM32F215, STM32F217, STM32F401, STM32F405, STM32F407, STM32F415, STM32F417, STM32F427, STM32F429, STM32F437, STM32F439, STM32F7xx), STM32 HighPerformance Line Hi Speed driver (STM32F205, STM32F207, STM32F215, STM32F217, STM32F401, STM32F405, STM32F407, STM32F415, STM32F417, STM32F427, STM32F429, STM32F437, STM32F439, STM32F7xx)




The world-famous J-Link is our vision of a debug probe. The J-Link PLUS increases the value of a J-Link BASE, since comes with integrated licenses for: 

  • IUnlimited breakpoints in flash memory (Unlimited Flash Breakpoints)
  • IJ-Flash



SEGGER's emPower board is an evaluation and prototyping platform. It is a good starting point to prove the power of the Embedded Studio PRO package.

Embedded Studio Pro—All-In-One

  • All-in-one development package:
    • State-of-the-art development environment
    • Complete embedded software suite
    • Fully featured J-Link PLUS Debug probe
  • One-stop solution developed and supported by SEGGER
  • High performance software with very small footprint in RAM and ROM
  • Start application development immediately
  • Runs out-of-the-box on various popular evaluation boards
  • Royalty-free
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