RGB Display

Tecnologix RGB Display v1 has been designed as general purpose display; in an industrial automation system it can be used to monitor the operating parameters or to control the functionalities of the user application.

The Display can be connected to user application or network via the following hardware communication interfaces:

• RS232/RS485
• Ethernet

More communication interfaces are available on request as options:

• Profibus
• Profinet (*)
• Ethernet PowerLink (*)
• EtherCAT (*)

RGB Display is supported by a wide choice of development tools

KEIL MDK-ARM with TÜV Qualified (*) Arm C Compiler and long term maintenance
Embedded Wizard Graphic Library from TARA Systems

(*) Arm C/C++ Compiler is TÜV qualified for Safety Critical applications
IEC 61508 for electrical systems
ISO 26262 for automotive industry
IEC62304 for medical systems
EN 50128 for railway applications

• 24 V power supply with RF filter
• CPU - 32 bit Arm Cortex-M7

o STM32F767 @216 MHz
o 2 MB Flash
o 1 MB RAM

• 5.5” RGB Display 800x480
• Capacitive Touch Screen (ST1633I)
• 1 x Micro SD-CARD
• 1 x Lithium cell for RAM backup
• Expansion connectors for analog and digital I/O


• 1 x RS232/RS485 optoisolated serial
• 1 x CAN bus optoisolated
• 1 x 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet
• 1 x USB OTG for PC connection and USB pen drive read/write.


• CE
• UL

-20…+70 °C


• Plastic frame 144 x 96 x 100 mm.

Options and Expansions

Industrial Ethernet EXPANSION

• EtherCAT
• Profinet
• Ethernet/IP
• Ethernet PowerLink

Other expansions on request