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Programming using KEIL MDK-ARM – Microcontroller Development Tool



Target Group     Firmware Developers using the KEIL MDK-ARM Development Tool
Prerequisites      C Language knowledge, Microcontroller Architecture concepts, Realtime/Embedded Programming concepts
Goals      Acquire good knowledge of the KEIL MDK-ARM Development Tool
Facts      Duration: 2 Day – 16 hours
Maximum Number of Participants: 4 People

This workshop is aimed to firmware developers using the KEIL MDK-ARM Development Tool.

During the first day, the full firmware lifecycle is experienced, from creating a project, making use of the ARM Compiler toolchain to create the binaries and programming the target, up to using the uVision debugger to debug the object code.

The second day covers the Arm RTX Realtime Operating System and the Middleware libraries, using a comprehensive set of hands-on examples to exercise the basic capabilities of the libraries.Hands-On training is based on STMicroelectronics STM32F746G DISCOVERY board.

 KEIL MDK-ARM Development Tool

 Agenda 1 day

  • Introduction
  • Creating and Configuring a new Project
  • Compiling the code
  • Using the Linker Scatter File to map Memory areas
  • Debugging the code
  • Debug techniques
    • Stop and Go
    • RTOS awareness (Event Viewer)
    • System Viewer
    • Component Viewer
    • Logic Analyzer
    • ITM
    • System Analyzer
    • Event Recorder
  • Using Trace
    • Data Trace
    • Instruction Trace
    • Code Coverage
    • Performance Analysys

 KEIL MDK-ARM Middleware

 Agenda 2 day

  • Introduction
  • CMSIS-RTOS RTX: Overview and technical background
    • Configuration of RTX
  • Configuration of Middleware components
    • Board Support Pack for STM32F746G DISCOVERY: Using BSP drivers
  • Implementing access to a USB-Mass-Storage Device with FAT File System
    • How does the USB stack work?
    • Supported File Systems and storage devices
  • Adding a GUI Dialog
    • How to use the on-board LCD?
    • Creating a dialog with the GUI Builder
    • GUI Configuration
    • Using the Touchscreen
  • Adding a TCP/IP Connection
    • How to use the on-board Ethernet?
    • Creating a FTP Server
    • FTP Server Configuration
    • Using the FTP Server to upload graphic images to SD-Card
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