Test SoM from port with our Evaluation Boards

ARDUINO / PMOD Board from PORT GmbH offer you the extensions of your development environment via standardized interfaces like ARDUINO and PMOD. Based on the GOAL technology (middleware) you get the possibility to test different communication ways.

The ARDUINO / PMOD boards show the CtC (Core to Core) communication via SPI between the host CPU (for example STM32Fx or RENESAS Synergy S7) and the communication module.

Discover our Evaluation Boards for ARDUINO/PMOD, LINUX, STM32F, RENESAS Synergy S7 and Raspberry!

Our Evaluation Boards for your Application

Test the functionalty and possibilities of the SoM from Board with our different Evaluation Boards. At the moment we´ve got the following Evaluation Boards ready to use:

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Your benefits with the System on Module from port

  • Test your SoM at low costs
  • PROFINET CCB RT1 on board
  • EtherNetIP on board
  • EtherCAT on board
  • SPI driver available
  • extensive tool chain available
  • Design Tool for PROFINET / EtherNetIP available (optional)
  • no license costs
  • updates and upgrades for free
  • cost-effective solution for small and medium quantities
  • simple design in
  • low investment