NMEA2000 Protocol

This kit that will help you on your way for the development quickly and easily.

The kit comes with:

  • Protocol stack (C code)
  • Example HAL reference design (C code) for STM32 running on a Nucleo board with Cortex M4 microcontroller.  This will show you how to implement to 7 to 10 C functions of the embedded HAL and it will help you write your own HAL for your chosen micro
  • User documentation
  • X-Analyser Professional CAN, CANopen, J1939 and NMEA2000 analyser which is useful for your continual software development and also eases support to you from Warwick Control
  • Kvaser Leaf Light CAN to USB interface
  • HAL for Kvaser CAN interface (which includes support for running on a virtual CAN channel on the PC)
  • 1 year email support
  • The source code will be licensed to your company site and can be compiled and included in your products for no additional royalties.  You are not allowed to pass the source code on to a third party.

The overall aim for this kit is that it is ideal for customers wishing to port the stack onto their own target hardware and they can use the STM32 as a reference to help them.

The advantage of the Kvaser HAL is that the protocol stack can be built in a PC environment using the free Microsoft Visual Studio C compiler and run on a PC.  This is particularly useful when a customer does not have target hardware available or the hardware is not ready.  The stack can communicate with Warwick Control’s protocol analyser software X-Analyser either via a real CAN bus using a Kvaser CAN interface or a simulated CAN bus using virtual CAN drivers.


  • You will need to download the free Atollic TrueStudio compiler and IDE for the STM32 if you wish to be able to rebuild the project for the Nucleo board.
  • For NMEA2000 product certification testing, the stack reference design on the Nucleo will pass with the current test tool out of the box. This means that once you have made your application changes, less work will be required to get your device to pass the NMEA2000 Product Certification
  • A diagnostic stack (UDS-light option) is available for vehicle based application with a basic ISO-TP and basic offering of UDS services

This protocol stack can also be ported to other microcontrollers as a custom engineering project.  

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