IXXAT - CANnector

CANnector is a DIN rail mountable platform with many different communication interfaces. It is ideal for applications in which several bus systems are to be merged into a single device with its own processing power – e.g. for logging or gateway applications.

All applications run on the device, a PC is only needed for configuration or stimulation/visualization of data, as the actual intelligence – for e.g. the transport protocols – is outsourced to the embedded platform.

HMS provides with  Ixxat ACT (Advanced Configuration Tool) an easy to use Windows-based tool enabling customers to configure the device via drag-&-drop. Most use-cases can be solved by using ACT Freeware (free of charge).


Application examples – How PC interfaces are used

Mobile USB-to-CAN interface for easy CAN (FD) bus access enabling configuration, service and analysis

Access for configuration and analysis

Powerful CAN (FD) plug-in boards enable connection of test/simulation system to automotive bus systems or devices

Wireless connection to automotive bus systems for flexible analysis, configuration and test

Software support for the Ixxat PC interfaces

Passthru J2534

Optionally, the Ixxat PC interfaces do support the PassThru (SAE J2534) API, enabling easy connection to various software testing applications being used in the after sales support of passenger vehicles.  


Optionally, the Ixxat PC interfaces do support the D-PDU-API (ISO 22900-2) under Windows and Linux enabling usage with various third party applications supporting this standard. 

Analysis tools - canAnalyser Mini and CanEasy

Besides the canAnalyser Mini, which is part or the VCI driver package (free of charge), the interfaces are also supported by the powerful analysis/simulation solution CanEasy.



Feature table – fieldbus support and options

 CAN Interface
 CANnectorEthernet/USB8 42WiFi/EtherCAT
 CAN-IB640/PCIePCIe1-4 1-41-4 
 CAN-IB600/PCIePCIe1-2 1-2  
 CAN-IB500/PCIePCIe 1 1  
 CAN-IB200/PCIePCIeoption1-41-4 0-4Low Profile
 CAN-IB100/PCIePCIe option1-41-4  Low Profile
 CAN-IB520/PCIe MiniPCIe Mini 1 1  
 CAN-IB120/PCIe MiniPCIe Mini option1-2    
 CAN-IB630/PCIe 104PCIe 1042 2  
 CAN-IB230/PCIe 104PCIe 1042/40-1 0-1 
 CAN-IB130/PCIe 104PCIe 104 1-2    
 PC-I 04/104PC104 option1-2    
 CAN-IB410/PMCPMC2-42-4 0-2 
 CAN-IB400/PCIPCI1-41-4 0-4 
 CAN-IB300/PCIPCI 1-41-4   
 USB-to-CAN FD USB1-2 1-21 
 USB-to-CAN V2 USB1-20-1 0-1 
 USB-to-CAN V2 Plugin USB1-20-1 0-1 
 simplyCAN USB1    
 CAN@net NT 200/420Ethernet2-4 0-2  
 CAN@net NT 100Ethernet1    
 CAN@net II/VCIEthernet1    
 CANblue II Bluetooth1    


  • DIN rail mountable
  • Industrial Ethernet support (like EtherCAT)
  • Up to 8 CAN (FD) channels in one device
  • CAN listen only (CAN RX) for data logging use-cases
  • Only a few µs delay of frames in classical gateway applications
  • Switch-on CAN (self switch on in case of any CAN communication or a defined message)
  • Up to 4 kV galvanic isolation
  • Compatible to the Ixxat CAN@net Generic Ethernet protocol and CAN@net NT protocol
Order numberProduct nameGalvanic
count (total) 
CAN high speed CAN low speedCAN FD (B)LINEtherCAT (slave)Analog in Digital in/out
(A) (D)
Digital in/out
(A) (E)
Ethernet 10/100
USB 2.0 device USB 2.0 hostSDHC slot Internal WiFi
1.01.0091.01000CANnector Log *yes066022000211200
1.01.0091.02000CANnector Range **yes066022000211200
1.01.0091.03000CANnector Bridge **yes066022000211200
1.01.0091.00000CANnector Syes066022000211200
1.01.0091.00010CANnector Lyes088042000211200
1.01.0091.00100CANnector S with EtherCATyes066022100211200
1.01.0091.00110CANnector L with EtherCATyes088042100211200


(A) Input or output per software switchable
(B) 6/8 CAN in total, thereoff max. 2/4 CAN-FD capable
(D) 4 digital inputs/outputs (5 V TTL)
(E) digital inputs (max. 34 V), digital outputs (max. 34 V, 1 ampere)

* CANnector Log – based on CANnector S, ready2use with a basic logging configuration and a 16GByte USB storage device
** CANnector Range/Bridge  – based on CANnector S, ready2use with a basic range extending or bridge configuration

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