The Ixxat D-PDU API is a VCI 4 (Ixxat Virtual Communication Interface) driver add-on, providing a D-PDU interface for many different Ixxat PC boards and platforms. 
D-PDU is a standardized vehicle communication interface according to ISO 22900-2 (Vehicle Communication Interface), designed for automotive flash and diagnostic applications. 
Using the D-PDU API, compatible applications of various manufacturers can be easily executed and used with Ixxat PC interfaces and platforms.

Application examples – How PC interfaces are used

Mobile USB-to-CAN interface for easy CAN (FD) bus access enabling configuration, service and analysis
Powerful CAN (FD) plug-in boards enable connection of test/simulation system to automotive bus systems or devices
Wireless connection to automotive bus systems for flexible analysis, configuration and test

Software support for the Ixxat PC interfaces

Software support for the Ixxat PC interfaces

Passthru J2534

Optionally, the Ixxat PC interfaces do support the PassThru (SAE J2534) API, enabling easy connection to various software testing applications being used in the after sales support of passenger vehicles.


Optionally, the Ixxat PC interfaces do support the D-PDU-API (ISO 22900-2) under Windows and Linux enabling usage with various third party applications supporting this standard.

Software support for the Ixxat PC interfaces

Analysis tools
canAnalyser Mini and CanEasy

Analysis tools canAnalyser Mini and CanEasy Besides the canAnalyser Mini, which is part or the VCI driver package (free of charge), the interfaces are also supported by the powerful analysis/simulation solution CanEasy.
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Macro attributi ProdottoPC Interfaces


  • ISO 11898 raw protocol
  • UDS protocol
  • KWP2000 protocol
  • CAN J1939*
  • CAN OBD*

*available on request

D-PDU API Add-on Installation Guide Download ➦


  • Standardized vehicle communication interface for applications according to ISO 22900-2
  • Support of a wide range of Ixxat PCIe and USB based CAN (FD) interfaces
  • Support of the high performant embedded platforms FRC-EP170/190 and CANnector


Supported Ixxat CAN Interfaces

The following Ixxat interfaces are supported by the D-PDU API Add-on:

  • USB-to-CAN FD automotive
  • CAN-IB600/PCIe
- Further Ixxat PCI and PCIe interfaces as well as further Ixxat USB-to-CAN products are available on request.
- FRC-EP 170 and FRC-EP 190 embedded platforms are also supported. To use an FRC-EP with the D-PDUAPI contact Ixxat support.

1.02.0280.00000D-PDU API License