Passive CAN Interface for PCI
1-4 x CAN (High-/Low-Speed)
With the CAN-IB300/PCI IXXAT offers an interface board based on a modern and highly modular concept.

The CAN-IB300/PCI is available with up to four CAN channels and with galvanic isolated interfaces. For use in the automotive field the high-speed CAN channels can optionally be switched to low-speed CAN via software. Furthermore, the modular architecture of the interface card enables the easy extension with customer specific interfaces via piggyback modules.

Multiple cards can be installed in one PC if more CAN channels are required.

The board is supported by the IXXAT driver packages and higher layer protocol APIs as well as by the IXXAT tool suite. 

PC bus interfacePCI (V2.2)
PC address rangePlug & Play
InterruptsPlug & Play
CAN interface11, 2 or 4 CAN interfaces; CAN 2.0 A/B; Sub-D9 plug according to CiA 303-1
Optional: CAN Low-Speed (switchable via software between CAN High-Speed and Low-Speed)
Optional: Galvanic isolation (1 kV, 1 sec.)
Power supplytyp. 3.3 V DC, 100 mA / 5 V DC, 100 mA
Temperature range0 ºC ... +70 ºC
CertificationCE, FCC
SizeApprox. 65 x 120 mm (available as standard and low-profile version)

• Economically priced passive PCI board (no microprocessor on board)
• Easy expandable via field bus expansion and expansion board
• Up to four CAN channels (High-/Low-Speed optional switchable)
• Galvanic isolation of the CAN interface
• Uniform driver packages support all IXXAT CAN and CAN-FD interfaces and allow easy change of the PC interface type
• Powerful programming interface for Windows "VCI" as well as "ECI" for Linux, QNX, RTX, INtime and VxWorks

Order numbersOptional expansionsAdditional information
1X1.01.0291.120011 x 1.01.0241.20001
Low Speed CAN Fieldbus Expansion with galv. iso.
2X1.01.0291.220011-2 x 1.01.0241.20001
Low Speed CAN Fieldbus Expansion with galv. iso.
+ 1.01.0242.22000 
Multi CAN Expansion
Two CAN ports on each SUB-D9 plug
+ 1.01.0240.22103
CAN Expansion Board
1-4 x 1.01.0241.20001
Low Speed CAN Fieldbus Expansion with galv. iso.
Two slot bracket ports required