Emtrion Cadun

DIMM series compliant baseboard for high performance CPU modules

Current RevisionR1B
Statusmass production / perfective maintenance
Temperature Range-25°C – 85°C
Size (WxDxH)125mm x 100mm x 18mm
Power Consumptionmax. 5A
Supported Core Modules• DIMM-AM335x
• DIMM-MX257
• DIMM-MX53x
• DIMM-SH7724



Camera (generic) via Pin Header1 x
Analog Audio via 3,5 mm Audio Jack1 x
LCD Interface (generic) via DF13 Connector1 x
LVDS Interface (generic) via LVDS Connector1 x
HDMI Interface via HDMI Connector1 x
Resistive Touch connectable1 x
Capacitive Touch connectable1 x


CAN (LVTTL) via Pin Header1 x
CAN (with transceiver) via DSub-91 x
GPIO (I²C expander) via Pin Header14 x
I²C via Pin Header1 x
SPI via Pin Header2 x
UART (LVTTL) via Pin Header4 x
GPIO (from SODIMM) via Pin Header10 x
UART (RS232) via DSub-91 x
100Base-TX Ethernet via RJ45 Jack1 x
SD Interface via microSD socket1 x
USB Host 2.0 via USB-A Connector1 x
Analog input via Pin Header1 x
USB Device via miniUSB Connector1 x


Backlight (5V) via Pin Header1 x
5V Power Supply via 2 mm Power Jack1  
Spread Spectrum Oscillator1 x


DIMM-MX6CPU module with Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 Quad-/Dual-/Single-Core Processor


DIMM-RZ/A1HCPU module with Renesas RZ/A1H - ARM Cortex A9-Processor


DIMM-MX53xCPU module with Freescale i.MX53x - ARM Cortex A8-Processor


DIMM-AM335xCPU module with Texas Instruments AM335x - ARM Cortex-A8 Processor


DIMM-MX257CPU module with Freescale i.MX257 - ARM9 Processor


Display Unit ET0700-KEYWVGA display (800x480 Pixel) with capacitive touch screen and capacitive key pad


Display Unit UMSH-8272MDWVGA display (800x480 Pixel) with resistive touch screen


ADA-CAN_3V3Adaptation cable with high-speed CAN transceiver from LVTTL interface to CAN (D-SUB9).


ADA232Adaptation from LVTTL UARTs to RS232 with D-SUB9 connector.