CSS Electronics - NMEA 2000 DBC File - Decode Your Marine Data

This NMEA 2000® DBC file contains decoding rules for interpreting raw NMEA 2000® CAN bus data - letting you extract 'physical values' from your boat/ship (km/h, %, degC, ...).

The DBC file format is supported by most CAN tools - incl. our CAN logger software.

Standard(s)The DBC is based on open source NMEA 2000® databases and overlaps with the NMEA 2000® Appendix B
Fast packetsThe DBC file includes a mix of single frame and fast packet NMEA 2000® PGNs
DescriptionsNames, descriptions etc. are based on the open source databases and may differ from the official standard
PGN encodingThe message VFrameFormat is "J1939PG", meaning that most CAN software will match IDs based on the 18-bit PGNs
Value tablesValue tables are included for several signals