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Digital Signal Processing Basics

Level      Intermediate
Target Group     Firmware Developers
Prerequisites      Microcontroller Architecture concepts, Realtime/Embedded Programming concepts
Goals      Acquire basic DSP knowledge
Facts      Duration: 1 Day – 8 hours
Maximum Number of Participants: 4 People
Content      This workshop is aimed to provide basic concepts of Digital Signal Processing to firmware developers. Hands-On training is based on STMicroelectronics STM32F746G DISCOVERY board
  • Introduction
  • M7 core
    • Dual issue – how the performance is boosted at the same MHz
  • Short M4/M7 comparison
    • Cache – benefits
    • Cache Hands-On
    • MPU – key settings
    • Performance compare (CoreMark®)
  • DSP Corner
    • Sampling, Nyquist-Shannon Theorem
    • Convolution
    • Time and frequency domain
    • DFT
    • Fixed point arithmetic
    • Introduction to digital filters
    • How Cortex-M7 can optimize DSP MAC algorithms
    • FIR filters (Windowed Sinc)
    • FIR filters (Moving average)
    • Touch on IIR filters
  • Hands-On
    • Filters hands-on with CMSIS-DSP library
    • Practical audio filtering on the STM32F746G DISCOVERY board
    • Session end, Q&A