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Cortex-M Architecture Basics

Level       Intermediate
Target Group      Firmware Developers on Cortex-M platforms (M0 to M7)
Prerequisites       Microcontroller Architecture concepts, Realtime/Embedded Programming concepts
Goals       Acquire basic Cortex-M Architecture knowledge
Facts       Duration: 1 Day – 8 hours
Maximum Number of Participants: 4 People
Content       This workshop is aimed at firmware developers for platforms based around the Cortex-M processors and includes an introduction to the Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) library. The training covers the Arm Cortex-M0 to M7 core range, programmer's model and instruction set as well as the Cortex-M Coresight debug architecture. Hands-On training is based on STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F401RE board
Agenda      Cortex-M Architecture
  • Introduction
  • Cortex-M0
  • Cortex-M3
    • Overview, hardware characteristics, instruction set, bit banding
    • Privilege Levels
    • Execution Modes
    • Execution Stacks
    • Memory Map
    • Interrupt Handling
    • SysTick timer
    • MPU
    • Power Management
  • Cortex-M4
    • SIMD Instructions
    • Saturating Math
    • Floating Point Unit
    • DSP Library
  • Cortex-M7
    • Cache
    • Superscalarity
    • Coresight
CMSIS – Cortex-M Software Interface Standard
Hands-On Training
  • Blinking a LED on Nucleo-F401RE board using the SysTick Timer


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