Training name      

CANopen Basics

Level       Basic
Target Group      CANopen Developers System Integrators
Prerequisites       CAN Fundamentals
Goals       Acquire basic
CANopen knowledge
Facts       Duration: 1 Day – 8 hours
Maximum Number of Participants: 4 People
Content       In this workshop you will acquire a basic knowledge about CANopen. After a short refreshing of the CAN protocol, the communication principles under CANopen and taking a look at the object directory follow. The seminar also explains how Process Data Objects (PDO) and Service Data Objects (SDO) work. You will learn how to use IXXAT canAnalyser in a CANopen network. Hands-On training is based on STMicroelectronics STM32F4DISCOVERY board
  • Introduction to the CAN Protocol
  • Introduction to CANopen
  • Communication Models
  • Accessing the Object Dictionary (SDO)
  • Parameter Handling/Parameter Storage
  • Exchange of Process Data (PDO)
  • Network Management (NMT)
  • Emergency (EMCY) and Error Detection
  • CANopen Master and CANopen Slave
  • Exercise basics of the CANopen protocol
  • Analyse and diagnose a small CANopen network using IXXAT canAnalyser, STMicroelectronics STM32F4DISCOVERY, IXXAT USB to CAN V2 interface


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