J-Link is Fastest in Flash Programming

December 21st, 2012-- After a recent upgrade to the J-Link hardware and further improvements to the software, the industry leading J-Link has been subjected to a flash programming speed comparison against various debug probes. The results show, that even the base model of the J-Link outperforms the competition. All tests have been performed on the same target chip, STM32 with blank flash memory. SEGGER J-Link vs. I-jet Speed Comparison

J-Flash is a Standalone PC Software Utility Which Enables You to Program Your Flash EEPROM Devices Via The On-Chip Debug Connector (JTAG) of Your Target System. A J-Link ARM Emulator is Required. J-Flash Works With ARM and Cortex Systems and Supports All Common External Flashes, As Well As The Ability to Program Internal Flash of ARM Microcontrollers.  J-Flash is Included With the Flasher ARM Production Programmer and J-Link ARM-PRO Emulator. SEGGER JFlash Introduction

An Introduction to SEGGER Microcontroller's Flash Breakpoint Technology Which Permits You to Set an Unlimited Number of Breakpoints Even if Your Application Program is Located in Flash Memory, Thereby Utilizing Your ARM and Cortex Debugging Environment to Its Fullest. SEGGER JLink Flash Breakpoint Introduction

Updates to the Segger Graphics Library, now included in Keil MDK. Segger emWin Graphics Library - EW 2012

How to add a graphical user interface to your STM32F4-based  embedded system thanks to  Segger emWin GUI library Segger emWin library for SMT32F4

SEGGER's high-performance embedded middleware suite for ARM Cortex-M3 based EFM32 Gecko microcontrollers, specifically the SEGGER emWin GUI for Cortex-M3 EFM32 Gecko Micros

A quick overview of the capabilities of the emWin Free Graphics library now offered exclusively by NXP and Segger. Introduction to NXP/Segger emWin Free Graphics Library

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