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ARM Education Media is the culmination of several years of collaboration with thousands of educational institutions, industrial partners, students, recruiters and managers worldwide. It complements other initiatives and programs at ARM such as the ARM Education Partnership, which helps teachers and children learn with technology, the ARM University Program, which provides university academics worldwide with free teaching materials and technologies for many Computer Engineering and related courses, and ARM Training, which provides professional engineers with training on core ARM technology topics.

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This video gives a brief introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) Online Course from ARM Education Media. To keep up with the transformative intersection between the Internet, mobile and sensor technology, ARM Education Media has designed and created the ARM IoT online course, which will inspire our learners to create the next generation of IoT-enabling technologies. 

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This video gives a brief introduction to the Efficient Embedded Systems Design and Programming Online Course from ARM Education Media. This online course is suitable for introductory and mid-level embedded system courses in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering and Computer Science courses. The teaching materials cover both fundamentals and practical knowledge.

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The explosion of digital data in today's world means it is crucial for learners to understand and practice how to manage and process digital signals that come in from a wide variety of sources. The ARM Education Media is addressing this need with the creation of our Digital Signal Processing (DSP) online course.

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This video gives a brief introduction to the Rapid Embedded Systems Design and Programming Online Course from ARM Education Media. This online course teaches how to use the high-level programming API to rapidly design an embedded system for various applications. 

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This video will introduce you to the fundamentals of the most
popular embedded processing architectures in the world today, namely
the ARM architectures. The ARM University Program, ARM Architecture Fundamentals

This video gives you a brief introduction of ARM and the Cortex-M family. It
then tells you about the series of short technical tutorial videos about the
Cortex-M key features that are available in this series. Tutorials on ARM Cortex-M Series - An Overview

This is a short technical tutorial detailing the key aspects of Debug and Trace
features available in the ARM Cortex-M series processors. It is part of a
series of concise and high-impact technical tutorials available under the title
Video Tutorial on ARM Cortex-M Series - Debug and Trace

Up until now, hands-on DSP teaching using real-time audio signals in a laboratory setting, i.e. using readily available test equipment including signal generators and oscilloscopes, has required the use of DSP-based EVMs costing over $300. The $15 ST STM32F4Discovery EVM featuring the ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor (with DSP instructions and FPU) is capable of running similar hands-on, real-time DSP program examples. Not only does this hardware platform cost significantly less than DSP EVMs used previously but the STM32F4Discovery is suitable also for use in other microcontroller-based teaching activities including, for example, embedded system design courses and labs. 
The ARM University Program DSP Lab-in-a-Box provides educators with teaching materials including lecture slides and laboratory instructions as well as numerous example projects for use with the Keil® MDK-ARM™ development environment. The session will feature a demonstration of selected program examples as well as an overview of the complete DSP Lab-in-a-Box offer.

Learn DSP on ARM based Microcontrollers Learn DSP on ARM based Microcontrollers 2 of 2

Paul Beckman shows the usage of a CMSIS-DSP Library example CMSIS DSP Library FIR Low Pass Filter example

Overview of how to use the ARM CMSIS DSP library functions for spectral processing. ARM CMSIS DSP FFT Library

Chris Shore explains the new security webinars from ARM. For more info: . Register at: Security Webinars from ARM

Find out more about the “TrustZone for ARMv8-M” training webinars on July 21 and 27, 2016. The webinars will give an overview of the main elements of the ARMv8-M architecture, and then explain the main features provided by the new TrustZone Security Extension. TrustZone for ARMv8-M training webinars 2016

ARM recently announced the first two processors using the ARMv8-M architecture, ARM Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33. ARM TrustZone for ARMv8-M adds security features to these cores that allow applications and services to operate securely while safeguarding the secure resources from being misused, corrupted or inspected by intruders. This webinar recording will explain how to program secure and non-secure domains on a processor with TrustZone. Using TrustZone on Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33

ARM has recently launched the next generation of the ARM Cortex-M MCU architecture, ARMv8-M. This webinar recording will give you an overview of the new architecture, its advantages for performance and security, and show what will change for developers of embedded systems. ARMv8-M architecture: what’s new for developers

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