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The compact PLC - PLCmodule-C32 is an all-rounder for industrial control tasks. As Linux-based Compact PLC, the device is programmable in C/C++ and in IEC 61131-3. The IEC 61131-3 runtime kernel already includes a fully functional CANopen manager and function blocks for accessing on-board peripherals.

The compact PLC - PLCmodule-C32 supports simultaneous execution of IEC 61131-3 PLC programs and Linux applications. It is possible to share data between the PLC program written in IEC 61131-3 and other native Linux applications implemented in C/C++. A comprehensive IEC 61131-3 function block library provides access to all communication interfaces. Higher-layer protocols such as CANopen are available as well. The built-in CANopen manager services enable an easy integration of other CANopen modules and even allow distributing the application task to multiple networked devices.


Module Features / Benefits

  • Fully IEC 61131-3 compliant, in-application programmable control up to 512 KiB PLC program memory
  • 24 Digital inputs 24VDC, galvanic isolated
  • 16 Digital outputs 24VDC/500mA, galvanic isolated, short-circuit proof
  • 4 Relay outputs 250VAC/3A (3 NO and 1 NO/NC)
  • 4 Analog inputs 0-10VDC (0-20mA), 10-bit resolution
  • 2 Analog outputs 0-10VDC, short-circuit proof
  • 2 PWM outputs 24VDC/500mA
  • 3 Fast counter inputs 24VDC (50kHz), galvanic isolated
  • 3 RS232 interfaces, one of them full-modem capable
  • 2 independent utilizable CANopen interfaces
  • Ready-to-use CANopen master
  • Comprehensive CANopen library for IEC 61131, complete CANopen Master functionality including
  • Easy incorporation of network variables for process data communication
  • Runtime optimization by native-code generation
  • Native (C-Code) extension to include own high-performance and interrupt capable functionality into the PLC program
  • 10base-T Ethernet interface for remote programming, debugging and visualization
  • 32kB non-volatile memory
  • 256kB PLC program memory, optionally up to 512kB
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 160mm/90mm/75mm
  • Power-supply for CPU and IO separately, 24VDC (±20%) each
  • Status LED for all IOs, communication, power supply and control program status
  • Suitable for DIN/EN-rail mounting