The PLCcore-F407 provides broad I/O functionalities through simple connector footprint. Its used processor is a Cortex™ M4 - developed for efficient control and signal processing capabilities. A pre-integrated IEC 61131‑3 runtime system allows access to CAN, Ethernet and UART. There are also integrated interfaces available for digital and analog inputs and outputs as well as PWM output and counter inputs.


The PLCcore-F407 is built for applications where minimal costs are essential. The architecture of this insert-ready OEM-able single board computer is designed in a way to provide a broad I/O configuration at reduced costs. The PLCcore-F407 is equipped with an IEC 61131-3 runtime kernel and seamlessly integrated CANopen and Ethernet. It is the ideal platform for developments of PLC systems and small machine controls.

To provide a certain degree of flexibility to the user, SYS TEC electronics offers his customers various optional packages:

Production Package
The PLCcore-F407 is available as insertready core module. Customers that want to purchase high volumes can receive a product license with the complete production documents and the preprogrammed microcontroller. OEM can now manufacture by themselves which gives them a high degree of flexibility and additional cost optimization.

Design Packages
SYS TEC electronic offers design service packages on a fixed price basis. This includes designing and prototyping of customized application carrier boards for OEM. Customers receive design and production materials so that they can reuse the design and produce by themselves. In this manner it is possible to obtain considerably costs savings of up to 60%.

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Module Features

PLCcore Firmware: IEC61131-3 runtime kernel pre-installed
CiA302/314 compliant CANopen manager
Program download via CANopen
Controller: STM32F407 by STMicroelectronics with ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M4
System Clock: 168MHz
Application memory: 512kB for PLC user application
Ethernet: 1x 10/100Mbps, on-board PHY
CAN: 2
PWM: 2
Analog Output: 2
Analog Input: 8
Digital Output: 17
Digital Input: 18
Fast Counter: 2
Board-to-board connector: 2x52 pin card edge (Mini PCie connector footprint)
Runtime Kernel: SmartPLC by infoteam
Programming Interface:  
CAN: available
Ethernet: upon request
RS 232: upon request
Programmable in: IEC 61131-3 (IDE - OpenPCS with SYS TEC vendor extensions)
Operating Conditions: Temperature: -40°C…+85°C
Power Supply: 3.3V +/- 5%
Dimensions/Weight: 65 x 51 x 1,0 (L x W x H in mm) / 20g
LCD: DOT-matrix LCD (128x64, via SPI)
Mass storage: Micro-SD
RTC: low-current RTC with battery backup
RoHS compliant: yes