The PLCcore-9263 CODESYS is a ready-to-use embedded ARM System on Module with Linux that combines a pre-integrated IEC 61131-3 runtime kernel with a CANopen Manager on one platform.

The pre-installed CODESYS V3.5 runtime system includes CANopen and Ethernet connectivity. Open interfaces allow for extending the run-time system with own functionalities. Integrated target visualization allows for displaying the operator and monitoring interface.

No CODESYS development licenses will be required. There is a free re-distribution of the CODESYS Automation Suite to end customers.

The PLCcore-9263 is ideally suited for HMI-enabled applications as well as intelligent network nodes for decentralized processing of process signals (CANopen and Ethernet). It provides a simple yet performance-optimized hardware platform combined with a production-ready, GUI-enabled operating system. The PLCcore-9263 has a very good price-performance ratio balancing cost and efficiency perfectly. Making PLC available as an insert-ready core module with small dimensions reduces effort and costs significantly for the development of user-specific controls.