LPC4357 Developer's Kit

LPC4357 Developer's Kit

Embedded Artists' LPC4357 Developer's Kit lets you get up-and-running quickly with the LPC4357 OEM Board.


Embedded Artists' LPC4357 Developer's Kit lets you get up-and-running quickly with the LPC4357 OEM Board. The LPC4357 OEM Board is equipped with NXP's dual-core Cortex-M4/M0 based LPC4357 microcontroller suitable for a wide range of applications that requires advanced communication and high quality graphic displays.


LPC4357 OEM Board

Processor NXP's Dual core Cortex-M4/M0 LPC4357 microcontroller in BGA package, core executing at up to 204MHz
Program Flash 1 MB internal FLASH + 128 MB external NAND FLASH
SPIFI Memory 16 Mbit QSPI flash
Data Memory 136 KB internal SRAM + 32 MB external SDRAM (with 32-bit data bus) + 16 KB internal E2PROM
Ethernet 100/10M Ethernet interface based on SMSC LAN8720 Ethernet PHY
Clock Crystals • 12.000 MHz crystal for CPU
• 32.768 kHz crystal for RTC
Dimensions 68 x 50 mm
Power +3.3V powering

• 200 pos expansion connector (as defined in SODIMM standard), 0.6mm pitch
• 20 pos trace connector, 50 mil pitch
• Dual 20 pos I2S and SGPIO expansion connectors, 50 mil pitch

Other • uSD memory card interface connector
• 1 Kbit I2C E2PROM with EUI-48™ number (for Ethernet MAC address)
• Buffered 32-bit databus

OEM Base Board

Connectors and
• 200 pos, 0.6mm pitch SODIMM connector for OEM Board
• LCD expansion connector with control signals for touch screen interface
• Expansion connector with all OEM Board signals
• Ethernet connector (RJ45)
• CAN interface & connector (provision for second CAN interface, but not mounted)
• MMC/SD interface & connector (not used, the LPC4357 OEM board has an on-board uSD connector instead)
• USB1: OTG or Host interface & connector
• USB2: Device or Host interface & connector
• Provision for NXP JN5148 RF module (former Jennic) interface (RF module not included)
• Full modem RS232 (cannot be fully used on 32-bit databus OEM boards)
• RS422/485 interface & connector
• Provision for IrDA transceiver interface (transceiver not mounted)
• I2S audio codec (mic in, line in, line out, headphone out) • SWD/JTAG connector
• Trace connector and pads for ETM connector
Serial Expansion Connector, 14-pos connector with UART/I2C/SPI/GPIO pins
Power • Power supply, either via USB or external 5V DC
• Optional coin cell battery for RTC and LED on ALARM output (coin cell not included)
Other • OEM Board current measuring
• Parallel NOR flash on external memory bus
• 16-bit register and LEDs on external memory bus
• 5-key joystick
• 3-axis accelerometer (I2C connected)
• LM75 temperature sensor (I2C connected)
• 5 push-button keys (four via I2C and one on ISP-ENABLE)
• 9 LEDs (8 via I2C and one on ISP-ENABLE)
• Trimming potentiometer to analog input
• USB-to-serial bridge on UART #0 (FT232R) and ISP functionality
• Reset push-button and LED
• Speaker output on analog output from OEM Board, or from I2S audio codec
• 160x150 mm in size