Sistema operativo real-time, TCP/IP stack, Flash filesystem, FAT filesystem, CAN interface, USB Device interface

Real-Time Library è una collezione di librerie strettamente-accoppiate progettate per risolvere problemi realtime e di comunicazione per sistemi embedded basati su dispositivi ARM con MCU.

Caratteristiche e Benefici


  • • RTX Real-Time Kernel: Royalty-free, deterministic RTOS with source code
  • • TCP/IP Networking Suite: Complete embedded networking suite
  • • Flash File System: Create and modify files in memory or storage devices
  • • CAN Interface: Drivers for common ARM-based MCU devices
  • • USB Device Interface: for standard Windows device classes
  • • Examples and templates: quickly begin using RL-ARM components
  • • Source Code: RL-ARM includes source code for RTX, Flash File System, CAN, and USB
  • • Integrated tool and configuration support in MDK-ARM
  • • All RL-ARM components are supplied Royalty-Free
  • • Take a look at the benefits that RL-ARM will deliver for you

While it is possible to implement an embedded program without using a real-time kernel, or middleware components. A proven library like RL-ARM solves several common challenges for embedded developers.