With our ECUcore-9263 we respond on growing requirements for HMI-enabled applications.


With our ECUcore-9263 we respond on growing requirements for HMI-enabled applications. Having in mind the ever present cost pressure and demands on performance, the ECUcore-9263 perfectly balances both. It provides a simple yet performance-optimized hardware platform combined with a production-ready, GUI-enabled operating system.

Caratteristiche e Benefici

Module Features

PLCcore Firmware: IEC61131-3 runtime kernel pre-installed
Shared process image
CiA302/314 compliant CANopen manager
Customizable I/O driver
Program download via Ethernet or CANopen
Controller: Atmel® AT91SAM9G20,with ARM 926EJ-S Core,
System Clock: 440MIPS at 400MHz
RAM: 32MiB SDR-SDRAM (64MiB optional)
FLASH: 16MiB NOR (64MiB optional), 16-bit data-bus
On-board Peripherals: DMA, MMU, hardware watchdog, temperature sensor, RTC
Fast Ethernet: 1x 10/100Mbps, on-board PHY
CAN: 1
USB: 2x USB 2.0 host, 12Mbps full-speed
1x USB 2.0 device, 12Mbps full-speed
SPI/I2C: 1 only with FPGA Firmware / 1
Mass storage: MMC/SD-card signals on board-to-board connector
FPGA: Lattice ECP2-6
Others: SSC
Operating Conditions: Temperature: -40°C…+85°C
Humidity: 10-90% RH, non-condensing
Power Supply: 3.3V +/- 5%, 1A max.
Dimensions/Weight: 78 x 54 x 7,5 (L x W x H in mm) / 20g
Board-to-board connector: 2x 50 pin header socket, 1.27 mm pitch
Available on board-to-board connector: CAN, USB device, 2 USB host, I²C, 2 SD-card, Ethernet, 19 digital input lines, 8 digital output lines, 3 analog input lines, 4 PWM/DIO, 4 Timer/Counter/DIO
RoHS compliant: yes
Operating System: Linux
Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Pre-integrated Eclipse-based IDE with GNU C/C++ tool chain, source- and assembly-level debugger, IEC 61131-3 IDE (OpenPCS) with SYS TEC vendor extensions
Complementary Middleware: CANopen® Protocol Stack Source Code
Ethernet POWERLINK Protocol Stack Source Code