Focusing on applications that require a high degree of embedded computing power, the SBC module ECUcore-5484 combines a fast CPU, a high-performance memory layout and a variety of communication interfaces. Measuring just 40mm x 70mm, the SBC module comes with two CAN2.0B interfaces, four UARTs and two 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet interfaces. It targets applications that require high-speed data acquisition and real-time communication, such as PLC applications or Ethernet POWERLINK. The SBC module ECUcore-5484 comes pre-programmed with Linux-OS.

ECUcore-5484 - a insert-ready 32-bit Embedded SBC Module with Freescale MCF5484 processor

The SBC module ECUcore-5484 is a very compact, insert-ready, high-performance single board computer subassembly module, based on the 32-bit Freescale MCF5484 microcontroller.

Designed to performance, the SBC module incorporates all high-speed components on an extremely compact, low-EMI multilayer PCB. The target specific base board holds the slower clocked peripheral components and thus, can be kept "simple" and less critical in PCB design. The embedded module has a single-voltage power supply of 3.3V and a digital I/O expansion interface to connect custom peripherals.

The SBC module ECUcore-5484 has a powerful on-board CPLD (MACH XO 640) or FPGA (ECP2-6 / ECP2-20) . It allows for implementation of basic digital input and output lines as well as highly complex peripheral units. Apart from basic I/Os, the standard version of the CPLD as well as the FPGA also contains one freely configurable high-speed counter and an extremely powerful PWM/PTO unit. Both, the VHDL sources of the CPLD as well as of the FPGA and the C source code of the Linux I/O driver, are available with the Driver Development Kit (DDK). The on-board CPLD/FPGA of the SBC module provides the most flexible way to adapt the I/O configuration to specific needs. Thus, proprietary algorithms for pre-processing of process data could be "outsourced" to the hardware level. In addition to memory mapped interfaces, the DDK also supports the usage of standard I/O extension busses like I2C and SPI. Hence, the user is able to adapt the I/O configuration freely and easily to various application-requirements.

Thanks to enhanced firmware, the same hardware module is also available as a Linux-based Hard-PLC for the usage in OEM applications. This so-called SYS TEC PLC core module - PLCcore-5484 is supporting C/C++ as well as textual and graphical programming methods according to IEC 61131-3.

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Module features:

Controller: Freescale MCF5484 MCU with Coldfire V4e core
System Clock: 200 MHz and 300+ MIPS
RAM: 64MB DDR-SDRAM (128MB optional)
FLASH: 16MB NOR (32MB optional)
FPGA Options: Lattice LFE2-6 or Lattice LFE2-20 MACH XO 640 (CPLD)
HMI Options: driver for dot-matrix display and 4x4 keypad
On-board Peripherals: DMA, MMU, hardware watchdog, temperature sensor, RTC
Fast Ethernet: 2x 10/100Mbps, 1x on-board PHY
CAN: 2
SPI/I2C: 1/1
Operating Conditions: Temperature: -40°C…+85°C
Humidity: 10-90% RH, non-condensing
Power Supply: 3.3V +/- 5%, 1.5A max.
Dimensions/Weight: 70 x 41.5 x 7.8 (L x W x H in mm),
Board-to-board connector: 2x 60 pin header socket, 0.5 mm pitch
Available on board-
to-board connector:
CAN, I²C, SPI, FlexBus, GPIO, 24 digital input lines, 22 digital output lines, 1 high-speed counter (pulse/dir or A/B), 1 PWM/PTO output (pulse/dir), Ethernet
RoHS compliant: yes
Operating System: Linux
Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Pre-integrated Eclipse-based IDE with GNU C/C++ tool chain, source- and assembly-level debugger
Complementary Middleware: CANopen® Protocol Stack Source Code
Ethernet POWERLINK Protocol Stack Source Code