Progettazione Hardware

  • Circuit design
    • Digital and Analog
    • 8051 and derivatives
    • C166, XC166, XE166
    • ARM7, ARM9
    • Cortex-M1, Cortex-M3
  • CPLD/FPGA design
  • Printed Circuit Board layout
  • Prototyping
  • Production

Fieldbus Development

  • Protocol integration into Customer applications


  • Nei nostri corsi ci rivolgiamo sia a principianti sia sviluppatori professionisti, comunicando non solo le basi, ma un know-how dimostrato praticamente.

Sviluppo Software

  • Architecture and Design
    • Software Design with modern approaches 
    • OOP Object Oriented Programming
    • Definition of Design Pattern  Implementation
  • Use of state of the art "Tool chains"
    • C-Compiler
    • RTOS
    • Debugger
  • Testing
    • Test specification / Choice of test tools  
    • Reviews
    • Function test / Module test

Specific Area Development

  • Embedded Operating Systems( RTOS)
  • Embedded Linux  
  • Embedded Realtime Systems – Basics  KeilTools Basics
    • 8051 Basics Embedded C for 8051
    • Assembler 
    • Definition of Design Pattern
  • C166, XC166, XE166 Basics 
    • Embedded C for C166, XC166, XE166
  • ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M Basics 
    • Embedded C for ARM processors
    • Embedded Linux

Project-attendant coaching

  • Transparent handling of your project thanks to partnership teamwork and integration of your development team.
  • Customization of our coaching to your project by means of a situation analysis.
  • Optimal transfer of knowledge realized at team level, by using modern methods and techniques.

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